Our kittens may leave us after  14  weeks of age, completely vaccinated, with Euro Passport, chipped, dewormed, with contract and pedigree .


We do not sell kittens without pedigree!


All our kittens are grown in very good conditions, they are surrounded by love and carry, and have an excellent health. The purpose of our cattery breeding program is to get healthy representatives of the breed completely corresponding to standards of the British Shorthair cat, with short and dense fur,  strong bones, with a large , rounded head, with small ears and big, round eyes.

Every British kitten has its breed qualities, so has its individual price. Kittens sold for breeding or as a pet.

The future owner sign a writen contract concerning sale of kitten.

All kittens that will not be used for breeding (bought as a pets), leave our cattery after early surgery castration.


To book a kitten there is necessary to make a deposit payment into our account.

If the buyer decides not to purchase a kitten after the advance payment, this payment will not be refunded to the buyer.


We can withdraw from the sale of  the reserved kitten (there might be various reasons), but then the entire amount of the deposit will be refunded to the buyer.


If you have any questions, please write to us :)

Conditions for sale of kittens